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Christmas crazy LWP machines

2.74 usd

Enjoy Christmas! a steampunk style LWP, be a passenger of Christmas crazy machines
Finally come through the clouds the funny Gauli flying machines. A manga style for your phone. With the optional Christmas. You can choose between santa claus (santa) and the pilot. Choose from heart shaped balloons and stars, and many others elements. The color of the sky and many more features.. You can play with the machines, change color, resize, move, with simple finger gestures. A Live wallpaper and interactive than ever seen before!
With a single finger can:
- Drag the machines up and down- Increase or decrease the speed by simply changing desktop- Resize double touch
And you can also:
- Change Santa claus- One touch, launch a present
You've never seen an LWP like this!
Gauli's Live Wallpapers is a new concept, developed for the personalization of the new interactive devices in which the illustrations being the characteristics of the brand, come alive on screen.
This is made for small mobile devices and tablets of high resolution, you'll enjoy it anyway.If you find any errors please send it to the developer mailing and we will solved it in future updates.
The use of RAM is absolutely fully optimized, and so far we chose not to be installed on the SD card, since it could produce unexpected closures. To use the Live Wallpaper, you will will see an application icon, which will take you directly to the menu of Live Wallpapers, and there you will select yours.
We consider your Proposals, suggestions or ideas.Enjoy it!!